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Steel Building Kits Delivered to Hawaii

Customers in Hawaii have relied on Ironbuilt’s 38+ years experience in shipping  pre-engineered  steel buildings to HI and other islands.  They are perfect for warehouse buildings, residential garages, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications.  Superior paint and coatings help protect the steel from the corrosive environment near the ocean and optional galvanizing packages are available as well. 


When Ironbuilt’s metal building kits are shipped to Hawaii they are packaged to take up minimal space on a flat rack or in a container.  Our ocean freight and export experts ensure the best customer service and the lowest cost ocean freight by also shipping other goods with the building such as insulation and windows.  Fans, louvers and ventilators can be sent along as well for economical ways to beat the heat on the island.



hawaii steel building

Ironbuilt has supplied numerous self-storage steel warehouse buildings to this company on the “big island” of Hawaii.


Why buy from Ironbuilt in Hawaii?

  • Decades of experience delivering prefab metal building kits to Hawaii.
  • Low cost ocean freight and consolidated shipping with other goods.
  • Our goal for your complete satisfaction and is reflected by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Durable corrosion resistant paint and coating systems are used and special Galvanizing packages are also available.
  • Economically add second floors to maximize space on expensive land.


Ironbuilt buildings are versatile, we have supplied structures to the University of Hawaii, a storage warehouse building , a brewery, an apartment/workshop, a horse barn with a loft for hay storage and many others.  Many customers in Hawaii chose to have mezzanines for a second floor that we can provide in steel which maximizes your space as the cost of land is so expensive.  If you live near the water and want maximum protection against salt spray corrosion, economical galvanizing packages can be added to the framing.


Ironbuilt’s prefab metal building kits are manufactured using the highest grade U.S. steel and are 100% Made in the USA. Our buildings are designed to withstand Typhoon force winds and with paint and coatings to protect against salt corrosion.  Hawaii stamped engineer drawings are included verifying the local building loads and codes were used in the design. Call 1-800-383-8144 today to speak with a project manager who can answer all of your questions and provide you the best price possible.

Decades of experience delivering prefab metal building kits to Hawaii.
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