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Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Buildings And Steel Structures

Click on one of the topics below for commonly asked questions regarding prefabricated steel building projects:



How can I get a price on a steel building?

To obtain a FREE online price quote, fill out the form on the "free quote" web page with as much data as possible or contact the Ironbuilt Steel Buildings' sales department at 1-800-805-0084.


Is the freight included in my price?

Yes. The freight is included in the price unless you are a registered contractor picking it up directly at the plant. Since the cost of the freight is based on the weight, where possible we use community freight to ship your building with others and share the expense to save you money.


Is there a standard per square foot price for pricing steel buildings?

No, not without additional information. Many factors can dramatically affect the price including but not limited to: steel mill supply, building size, jobsite location, wind and snow load requirements, accessories and insulation.


Steel Buildings and Accessories

What type of materials are used in Ironbuilt Steel Buildings?

Ironbuilt buildings are manufactured with only the best quality commercial grade 100% USA steel. All the steel plate, bar and coil stock is sourced directly from US Steel mills.


How reliable or safe is the framing in steel buildings?

Every building is engineered by a licensed registered engineer that certifies it meets or exceeds all the structural building code requirements of your state. The solid steel I-beam rigid framing in our metal structures is not subject to the movement and "loosening" caused by warping, shrinking and buckling found in wood frame structures.


Can the buildings be insulated?

The building kits can be ordered with or without insulation. Ironbuilt provides several different types of insulation systems with vapor barriers that have "R" values that range up to R-50 depending on whether you are just trying to control condensation in a residential environment or greater thermal control is needed in refrigeration applications.


Are the buildings painted at the factory?

The steel wall sheeting and trim are coated with premium paints formulated by Akzo Nobel, a Fortune 100 manufacturer of the most durable industrial coating systems available. These long lasting colors are made with ceramic pigments and come with a 40 year warranty against chipping, peeling blistering or cracking. Check out the interactive color selector to see how beautiful your building will look.


Are doors and windows available with my building?

Yes. Doors, windows, canopies, vents and other accessories can be engineered into the design and supplied with the building. Check out the steel building features page or call 1-800-805-0084 and talk with an Ironbuilt building specialist about customizing your building.


Delivery and Export

How long does it take for delivery once a building is ordered?

Delivery times vary as every building requires different engineering and fabrication times depending on its size and complexity. Your project designer can give you a delivery date once he knows your project specifications.


Can I get a building sooner if I have an urgent need?

Many standard models can ship within 30 days if required but your building requirements must first be determined to verify they qualify for urgent delivery. Ironbuilt Steel Buildings is a customer service based company and as such we try to accommodate the emergency requirements of our customers.


Is it possible to export a building?

Yes.  Ironbuilt has experienced export specialists in our shipping department that can assist you with arranging international shipments including containerization, customs brokerage and shipping documents.


Permits and Building Codes

Do I need a permit to erect an Ironbuilt steel building?

Most areas require a permit to erect a building larger than a garden shed. Contact your local building department to confirm their requirements and potential fees. Always check with your zoning department to verify if pre-engineered metal buildings are permitted, your site's setback requirements, height restrictions and exterior appearance requirements.


Will my Ironbuilt building be approved by the building department?

Ironbuilt buildings are designed to meet the wind, snow and seismic requirements of your area. While we supply detailed permit drawings stamped by an engineer registered in your state or province on a building designed to meet the local building code requirements, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm all building codes and loadings with their building department.



Do I need a contractor to erect the building?

Many of our customers erect their Ironbuilt buildings themselves. Since the building kit is prefabricated at the plant, no field welding or drilling is required. The structural framing bolts together and the sheeting and trim are then screwed on. Every building is supplied with a DIY steel building erection manual and detailed construction drawings so customers can erect the building themselves. If you need a contractor or technical help with the construction, Ironbuilt's Contractor Service Department can provide a range of services from basic erection of the structure to project management with full turnkey construction.


How much will it cost to have a contractor erect the metal building for me?

The complete cost of erecting the building varies with the size and level of services required. Contact Ironbuilt's Contractor Services Department at 1-800-805-0084 for the cost to erect your building or any other level of construction assistance you may need.

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